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tv   BBC World News  PBS  February 28, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by: freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundationaledation, and the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation and union bank. >> union bank has put its global
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expertise to work for a wide range of companies, what can we do for you. >> now "bbc world news." coming up fighting and colonel gadda gaddafi, says that all libyans love him and won't step down. >> they love me all. >> rebels protect their territory. desperate to get out of libya kn, migrants sleep where they can. welcome to "bbc world news," within week paying tributes to the victims of the christchurch
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earthqua earthquake. jane russell a screen actor of the 1950's has died. >> welcome, he may be under intense international pressure to step down. but in an exclusive interview, libyan's colonel gaddafi came out fighting. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said that he was delusional. >> it was colonel gaddafi's first interview since this crisis started. he agreed to see bbc news and the sunday times.
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he said that the u.n.sanction resolutions against libyan were illegitima illegitimate. and asked if he would leave the country. [laughter] as if anyone would leave their home land, he said. >> mr. gaddafi, you have been known as the leader, and for years. and plenty of people in this country would say that the biggest obstacle of change for them and libya is you. >> he said that his presence actually instigated change for the people. >> in recent years you have had important western leaders like tony blair coming here.
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and now there are western leers leaders saying you should go. >> of course it's betrayal, they have no morals, besides if they want me to step down, what do i step down from? i am not a monarch or king. >> but you can step down even if you don't have a formal title. >> it's honor, he said, nothing to do with exercising power or authority. in britain who has the power, queen elisabeth or david cameron. he said that we didn't understand the system. >> i understand the system you have here. >> no, you don't understand. and the war, don't understand the system here. the system here. you don't understand it. >> but how do the people show their authority then? some who have gone on the street to protest said that your people
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have shot at them. >> no, no demonstration at all. >> did you see the demonstration? >> yes, i have, i saw some tomorrow. >> where? >> yesterday i saw demonstration. they are not supporting you. some are against you and some for. >> no, against me for what? they love me, all my people with me. they love me all. they would die to protect me, my people. >> if you say they do love you, then why are you capturing ben dszi? >> he's a guy, not my people. a guy, a guy. yes, they can put them outside. >> so they are the people pulling down the posters and putting up the flag of the king?
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>> it's al-qaeda, he said, they went to military basei s and terrorizing the people. and they are laying down their drugs. >> what if david cameron lifted your immunity and of your family and the access of your sons and went to school there and what would you like to say david cameron? >> if he's frozen assets then it's up to the libya state, and i will keep half. and then mr. gaddafi said that britain's interest would be jeopardizing.
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i am challenging him to show me my bank account in britain, and if i have deposits there. i challenge them and i put my two fingers in their eyes, if they can find any accounts inside or outside of libya. >> colonel gaddafi, how do you end this crisis? there is a great deal of foreign pressure coming in on you, how does it end? the colonel said they weren't concerned. >> what about the fact you lost control of the country? >> he said, we are concerned about the people. and my people are with me. we are sure of ourselves, we shall remain and they will fall. >> and off he went, and said he can't resign as he's got no official position. >> viewers outside of the u.k.
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will be able to see more of that exclusive interview of colonel gaddafi on a special program at 9:30 on tuesday. and a little early the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. about colonel gaddafi's conduct. >> yes, there was a clear ambiguous call for regime change from washington. it's different from egypt, and in the case of colonel gaddafi, everyone in the government from president obama down, says that he must go down. he's got zero legitimacy, and they are questioning his state of mind. and susan rice was put that
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detail from colonel gaddafi. that the libya people loved him and that he laughed when the interview put to him that he should or might step down. and those interview comments were put to ambassador susan rice at the news conference. >> it sounds frankly dilutional, and when he can laugh and talk to journalists while he's slaughtering his own people. it underscores how unfit he is to lead and how disconnected from reality. it takes all the important urgent steps we have taken over the course of the last week on a national basis. as well as the steps we have taken collectively through the council.
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>> and susan rice spoke of the leaders of libya and the travel freezing of gaddafi's assets and a no fly-zone on their part. >> yes, the americans are saying they are actively considering a no-fly zone. but there are questions asked behind the scene. tough questions of who will be responsible for runing and controlling the no-fly zone. if there were a case of libyans flying in breach of that no-fly zone. will they be shot down. these are the questions that americans are talking about. and to stop short of military action. we know that two war ships have been repositioned around libya and in the red sea. the americans say that may be used for humanitarian actions. nothing is off the table, is the
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official line from washington. but they are also saying that it would be premature to speculate about military action at this stage. >> along libya's borders there is chaos. the united nations estimates thousand have crossed the border, they are setting up tents in areas. >> they are desperate to escape from libya. from its bloodshed and horror. in no-man's land they wait to cross. most are migrants who have been working there. egyptians and turks and many other nationalities. tempers fray, some have traveled for days to get to this border crossing. they are tired, scared, hungry
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and thirsty. >> we have been monitoring this border crossing all day. and it's completely chaotic. and there are many desperate to get out. and on this side they are overwhelmed and pleading for help. once they are in, they get food and water provided by volunteers. but many are stranded here. the egyptians in particular. and they have been protecting in their thousands against their government against failure to get them home. this evening many are sleeping rough on this border.
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bedding down as best they can for the night. shivering as temperatures plummet. they can't go back to libya. they can't go home. and they can't find shelter. ben brown, bbc news on the libya border. >> protestors have taken to the streets in the gulf state calling for jobs and reform. they set a supermarket on fire. mean while in yemen, there are several weeks of those taking to streets of the resignation of the president. and in egypt it was ordered that the money and assets of the family be furthered.
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and about leaving the country and about how it was acquired are being investigated. good to have you with us, you are watching "bbc world news," still to come. jane russell who began her acting career in the 1940's has died. a former british airways official was charged with attempting to blowup a plane. >> a british airways employee and radicalized muslim. he was encouraged to see his job with the airline as a golden opportunity to attack the west. he was a quiet, respectful man.
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but he lived a double life. at talented computer engineer, on his home pc he used sophisticated encryption and codes around the world. he contacted this man a cleric in yemen. >> 911 was the answers of the american people who suffered from aggression. >> he is probably the most wanted terrorist man in the world besides bin laden. and told others that he prayed for ali to help. and he planted a bomb on an
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airliner, saying that i can work with brothers to find the possibility of shipping a package to a u.s. plane. police arrested him before it was mranplanted. >> the police were pleased and they said that the messages were the mosophisticated and he wille charged on the 18th of march. >> welcome to "bbc world news," colonel gaddafi will not step down saying that all the people love him. people are desperate on the border. as we turn to our main story, that's the situation in libya. i am joined on the line by a resident that would like to
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remain unanimous. welcome to "bbc world news," thank you for joining us. tell us what the atmosphere is like when you are in tripoli. hi, can you hear me? you are on "bbc world news." >> yes, hello, i can hear you. >> yes, thank you for joining us and tell us what it's like in tripoli and what the mood is like there? >> what is happening in tripoli, it's complicated and no one knows what is happening. and fear is starting to happen more and more because it's not stable yet. and this is typical not in tripoli, not what is happening. the interview that happened today is gaddafi is totally, we all know what we want. what he is saying is nonsense.
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>> what you see is stable and no signs of anti-government protests taking place? >> yesterday and today, well, two days ago it's very stable. all the forces are not here, they disappeared. maybe because of the journalists are here in tripoli. they don't want them to eyewitness. they managed to clean the city so quickly in two days. and what you see here, whatever is happening now, tripoli is like any normal day. the city is quiet and people are starting to do the normal, getting back to normal life. but still it's not stable. a lot of people left tripoli, they have fear and can't come back to tripoli because of what
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is happening. even though we got text messages and life is normal and get back to tripoli. >> it sounds like a tense situation, and is everyone where you are scared of the gaddafi regime? >> yes, multiple ones are. what you have seen in the past days is what is happening in tripoli. >> what is happening in the east may spread to the capitol now? >> they will, the east is willing to support the west. you can't go into tripoli. because there is some tough checkpoints. and not easy to get inside tripoli. even not easy for us to go in and out, especially the east part of tripoli. >> thank you for joining us and for your time, thank you.
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well, despite colonel gaddafi's display, it's clear that a part of libya is still in unrest. we have john there to send us this report. >> some of these men are volunteers. some are regular soldiers who ñ abandoned colonel gaddafi for the revolution. a short time before an air force plane came over and dropped bombs on the northern and southern outskirts of aj approximate --
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ajdabiya last week another pilot rejected and let his plane crash than bomb ajdabiya. but the town defenders earn a high state of respect and they blast in the sky. they are not doing this for the benefit of our camera, as they prepare for the possibility of action, they are jumpy and nervous. few have any military experience. despite this don't mistake as a single series of actions. coming over and bombing people here in order to scare them. it's the coming of front line area. around the perimeter of ajdabiya defenses, i found that some men
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have taken up positions just in case that forces move in from the west. it doesn't seem particularly likely. but it's their way of showing their royalty to the rebellion and showing off their weaponry. >> new zealand has held a two-minute silence a week after the christchurch earthquake. the number of those lost may reach up to 200. and the estimated cost to reach 15 billion. it's a sad day as family and friends have been bury their loved ones. >> yes, and in the center of christchurch of the 6.3 quake that tore through seven days
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ago, and the leaders and prime minister has gathered to pause and recall the past seven days. and these sober scenes have been repeated a rather trauma country. >> and there is a question of why so many collapsed. >> that's right, and saying that christchurch would be rebuilt and the business district would look different. the cost is right, $15 billion and the country paused for two-minutes of silence, to remember those that are dead and those in town.
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many leaders who lead the prayers say this is a spiritual way to say good-bye to those who died in that disaster. >> thank you, the hollywood film actress, jane russell has died at the age of 89. she was a popular star at the box office, at 19 years of age, jane met howard hughes who launched her career. we look back at her life. >> the phrase mean, moody and magnificent was coined for jane russell in her film, shock of fences. that was in the film for two years. she was a prodigy of howard
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hughes, the aviator and film producer developed a bra for her. >> it was a contraction and not comfortable and not wearable at the time. and i didn't want to do 103 takes on the subject. i wore my own bra, and i saw what he was trying to do and i put kleenex on the scenes under the bra, and threw his under the bed. >> and she had real talent especially when paired with the right leading man. >> we ought to get along fine, i am a gambler myself. >> oh, how hard do you like to play? >> i told you, you wouldn't believe me. >> i have told friends you have
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to try the jane russell bra. >> and when her career was over, her figure was her fortune. she was one of hollywood's most popular stars. >> the hollywood actress, jane russell died at the age of 89. you can find more details by visiting the bbc news website. this is to remind of our main news, and that is that colonel gaddafi has given a final message to the world. and he insisted that his people loved him and more on him to come, stay with us.
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